Assumptions About Learning

Today, I began my readings and research for my paper on assumptions about learning.  While going through some of the readings I found myself reading more and more about Constructivist Learning and the various theories by Paget, Bruner and Vygotsky.

This really had me thinking about what is the best method to teach and how do students learn the best.  Do students learn by an instructor lecturing or describing how a concept or project should be done, or do they learn by being participatory in the discussion and /or activity?

I started to self-reflect how I taught my Winter 2011 semester co-op 1000 course and I realized that I relied heavily on lecture formats.  When I was a students I remember being more engaged and learning more when I was able to participate and provide input into the learning.  Why did I focus so much on the material being taught instead of the “Learner” in my class.  This certainly is something I will focus on in the future to ensure students can participate in an environment conducive to learning.

One of the main reasons why I enrolled in the MALT program was to explore, research and learn more about myself, my work and how I can become a better educator.  This simple topic of Assumptions About Learning has already got me to think and reflect on the learner.

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