The Case Study

Wow, what a learning experience it was to work in our final case study groups of residency. Our group, like all of the other groups, put in so much time and personal effort into this project and it is great to have completed it. I really appreciated watching and listening to all of the presentations and their approaches to solving their case study.

We had promised one another after submitting our executive summary that we would support each other, so immediately after our presentation we met to debrief. This part of the process was a great learning experience for all of us because we had an opportunity to reflect and comment on areas they we could have considered. We took a very literal approach to the assignment and did not think to further limit our target group. After everyone had time to comment we all agreed that we put in a solid effort and while we could have made changes, as per the suggestions of Bill and Judith, we were happy with the results.

Some of our thoughts were:

1.Could have refined our training down to focus on a small, medium or large municipality

2.Could have been more concrete in our theory behind the training

3. We could have run a pilot pandemic training initiative with one municipality to assess the results and then move on to additional municipalities.

These are all great ideas and of course seem so obvious when you have had a chance to hear feedback and reflect on that feedback. When I think of why this case study was important, it was not so much the actual work completed on the project, but what we learned from it and how we can become better researchers and masters students.

In the first couple of weeks of this program I came across an article, Learning From Expereince Through Reflection. After our group met today, I thought about what it means to reflect. Daudelin (2003) states, “Reflection and learning may therefore be defined in this context as follows: Reflection is the process of stepping back from an experience to ponder, carefully and persistently, its meaning to the self through the development of inferences; learning is the creation of meaning from past or current events that serves as a guide for future behavior”.

I really agree with the quote and as working professionals we do not reflect nearly enough. This residency has taught me the meaning and power of reflection as an important for deeper learning.


Daudelin, M., (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Oganizational Dynamics, 24(3) 36-48 Retrieved from

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  1. I agree with you that going through this case study prepareration process with our particular group was a solid example of experiencial learning. As your article/study suggest, there are individual reflections that we can do while we are doing certain activities such as jogging and swimming, and learning from experiences and, the experiences gained from a small and controlled group setting and reflecting as group. This afternoon, we examplified the second method of reflection and learning. Thanks for writing about this study and giving me a chance to read it.

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